A Place To Bury Strangers – Onwards To the Wall

January 01, 1970





twenty-years nostalgia cycle means that shoegaze music has come around again in
the last few years- all hail that doomy, noisy yet melodic Brit innovation. New
York based APTBS got a leg-up on that early in this millennium but only made
their mark towards the end of last decade, with a pile of EP’s and two full
length albums to show for it, plus a rep for full-throttle volume.


on yet another EP, Oliver Ackermann’s wall-of-sound guitar and submerged,
corny-yet-grand vocals dominate as usual, biting the Jesus and Mary Chain
faithfully, but so does their song-sense and momentum. The 5 songs in 16
minutes breeze by, barely after you’ve had a chance to absorb them, leave you
hungering for more. From the roaring opener (“I Lost To You”) to the
spooky peddle-to-the-metal title track to the industrial-tinged closer
(“Drill It Up”), this is one gloomy band with a bright future.


DOWNLOAD: “I Lost You,”
“Onward to the Wall” JASON GROSS


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