Album: Be Nice Be Careful

Artist: A Fragile Tomorrow

Label: Piewille

Release Date: January 08, 2013

(Piewillie Records)




A Fragile Tomorrow could pave the way for the Pezband to make a comeback. Who are the Pezband? Suffice it to say they were the essence of power pop back in the mid ‘70s, a time when retro rockers were springing up like Tea Party candidates during the last midterm elections. Now flash forward to the present. A Fragile Tomorrow create a sound as invigorating today as it was back then. Hints of Squeeze and Elvis Costello provide convenient comparisons, although songs like “Don’t Need Saving,” “Longtime to Be Happy” and “All My Friends Are Gone” soar on their merits alone, each on the strength of invigorating melodies and adept execution.


The band also get an assist from a choice list of vintage pop veterans – producer Mitch Easter, Don Dixon, Bangles Vicki and Debbi Peterson, Amy Ray, Dillon Fence’s Greg Humphries and Susan Cowsill, among them. Their combined efforts yield an album that’s impossibly infectious, flush potent hooks, relentless riffing and incredibly catchy refrains. There’s little here that hasn’t been heard before, but as Be Nice Be Careful takes pains to prove, A Fragile Tomorrow’s songs are timeless — today, tomorrow or otherwise.


DOWNLOAD: “Don’t Need Saving,” “Longtime to Be Happy,” “All My Friends Are Gone” LEE ZIMMERMAN