A Certain Ratio – Force

January 01, 1970





is a reissue of the 5th record by the legendary Factory Records
band, originally released in 1986. It was touted as the band’s return to its
funk roots (jazz too), with some deep, jerky grooves, and while the record
eventually sank without a trace at the time it garnered some nice reviews from
the (notoriously fickle) U.K.
press. In addition to the 8 songs that appeared on the original record this
reissue adds 5 B-sides.


Together” opens things up nicely with some meaty bass and smooth vocals while
“Naked and White” makes good use of some horn players, and the nearly
instrumental single “Mickey Way”
was a “Low Rider” for the anorak set. Later on we’re treated to the pop gloss
of “And Then She Smiles” and bonus tracks like a remix of “Bootsy” (by Robert
Racic) and the brooding, driving “The Runner” which came via a rare Italian EP.
At times the songs (or parts of the songs) seemed a bit too smooth (think ABC)
but all things considered, for a sound this specific, the record has aged
really well. Look for more A.C.R reissues coming later this year from the LTM


“Naked and White”, “Mickey
Way”, “The Runner” TIM HINELY



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