A Band of Bees – Every Step’s A Yes (Deluxe Version)

January 01, 1970





English act The Bees – known stateside as A Band of Bees –
meander through genres (classic rock, reggae, indie-folk, psychedelic)
throughout Every Step’s A Yes,
showcasing moments of artistic capacity on an otherwise choppy album. 


When they step up with ‘60s era rock ‘n’ roll reminiscent of
The Zombies on stand-out “I Really Need Love” there’s no question as to how
they scored a tour with Fleet Foxes and an invite to produce an album for
Devendra Banhart.  Frontman Paul Butler’s
vocals, coupled with stylish harmonies, are really special; rugged, organic and
spirited.  What makes this U.S. version of
the album deluxe is six extra
offerings comprising remixes, live cuts, and modern renditions of “Go Where You
Wanna Go” (The Mamas & The Papas) and “The Rip” (Portishead).  While the execution is definitely there on
the folk-meets-reggae “Winter Rose”, which is indeed a quality song, it’s a
confusing vibe killer to sandwich material a la Jack Johnson between Brit-rock
and cool-kid folk.  Perhaps ATO should
have released 2 EPs instead of one LP.


Every Step’s A Yes is a stylistic mish-mash with a few notable gems worthy of downloading.


Really Need Love,” “No More Excuses” CLAIRE ASHTON


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