Album: Invitation

Artist: Filthy Friends

Label: Kill Rock Stars

Release Date: August 25, 2017



They don’t make super groups like they used to, at least when it comes to touting the names of the big stars and running the hype up the proverbial flagpole. Still, that doesn’t mean they ought to pass without a mention. Consequently, the debut of Filthy Friends via the overtly titled Invitation does deserve notice. The list of participants is impressive enough — R.E.M.‘s Peter Buck, multi-tasker extraordinaire Scott McCaughey, the ever omnipresent Kurt Bloch, King Crimson (and former R.E.M.) percussionist Bill Rieflin and singer/songwriter Corin Tucker, front person for the band Sleater-Kinney — but the sound that they summon forth is solidly of the rock and resolute variety. It’s driving, deliberate and void of any pandering or pretence.

In truth, Invitation would be a noteworthy offering regardless of the names that appear on the marquee. Songs such as “Depierta,” “Faded Afternoon” and “Any Kind of Crowd” could easily catch the ears of an arena-packed audience straight from the get-go, while others — “Second Life,” “Come Back Shelley,” “You and Your King,” and “No Forgotten Son” in particular — provide an undercurrent of prime punk petulance. While the tone and temperament lacks the verbosity normally associated with an otherwise insurgent sound, Buck’s relentless guitar wail and Bloch’s virulent vocals ensure a tempestuous touch stays intact throughout.

The result is an album of uncommon strength, not necessarily due to the individuals involved, but rather because of the sheer force and fury of the unified thrust. Filthy Friends never waver from this mission, making this one Invitation well worth heeding.

DOWNLOAD: “Second Life,” “Come Back Shelley,” “No Forgotten Son”


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