PREFAB MESSIAHS – Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive

Album: Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive

Artist: Prefab Messiahs

Label: Klyam/Burger

Release Date: March 10, 2015

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“Here come The Prefab Messiahs… here come the weirdoz—God bless the Prefab Messiahs, so help us all!” Thus sings Boston’s version of The Dukes Of Stratosphear, turning up only three decades late to lay our collective cortex on the griddle and turn the burners up to “11.” Roughly put, current members Xerox Feinberg, Doc Michaud, Trip Thompson and Ned Egg (real names, hones!) have assembled a brand new slice o’ tuneage, improbably enough, in the wake of Burger’s cassette reissue of their early ‘80s collection Devolver, and it’s every bit as unintentionally brilliant as that ‘un. A bit of fuzz here, a dollop of jangle there, a smidgen of ’60s damage over there, and no shortage of hemp stains all across the board—that’s the Prefab Messiahs, and they are coming for you, pal.

An 8-song mini-album, the not-so-cynically-titled Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive kicks off with the surreal-o-riffic “Ssydarthurr,” which may or may not be a tribute to Britain’s psychedelic mavens Syd Arthur, all zooming licks and oozing keys and manic percussive stomp. Soon enough we are knee deep in the pounding power pop of “Weirdoz Everywhere,” the group’s own namechecking salutation quoted in the paragraph above, and damned if it don’t make you recall those tender nights under the summer stars, tripping your ‘nads off with your best gal Sandoz.

What else? How about—speaking of tributes—the churning, part-dreamy, part-freakout “Bobb’s Psychedelic Car,” which sends a wink of the pyramid’s eye to none other than Beantown guru Bobb Trimble, with whom some of the Prefabs’ members, as Abunai, previously worked. And the title track, with its echo-drenched gear and massed kosmiche vocals, is enough to make fellow psych avatar Andy Partridge gnash his teeth in envy. Wait, what’s this? One final track, “Prefab Flashing,” that sounds like the entire preceding album mashed up and compressed into one tidy little 29 seconds? Mamas, don’t let your MP3s to grow up to be WAV files.

This is your brain on the Messiahs—any questions? God bless ‘em, every one.

DOWNLOAD: “Bobb’s Psychedelic Car,” “Weirdoz Everywhere”

Go elsewhere on the Blurt site to watch a video for “Weirdoz Everywhere.” Incidentally, the album’s available on sweet 10″ vinyl from the Burger label and on 10″ and CD on the KLYAM label.


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