DENISON WITMER – Denison Witmer

Album: Denison Witmer

Artist: Denison Witmer

Label: Asthmatic Kitty

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Denison Witmer


Denison Witmer doesn’t make a lot of noise, either literally or figuratively. With an impressive catalog that encompasses nine albums over the course of the past 15 years, he’s somehow managed to remain well below the radar, making the kind of thoughtful, intelligent music that appeals to his listeners’ cerebral sensibilities. That thoughtful approach isn’t mere artifice; the death of his father, the birth of his son and an inspiring visit to Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum all had a powerful effect on his psyche, leading to pensive rumination and renewed inspiration to move forward with deliberation and dedication.

The result, as reflected in this eponymous outing, is a set of skeletal songs and twilight melodies that drift, hover and glide through the ether. Those delicate designs keep things consistently on the quiet side, with the result that nothing here rises above a whisper. “Made Out for This,” “Asa,” “Let’s Go a Little” and “The Other Side” come across as both sorrowful and subdued, sung with more than a hint of heartbreak that seems to teeter on the verge of tears. And yet, for all that remarkable restraint, Dennison creates a stirring impression, making this convergence of emotion and execution equate to nothing less than pure, evocative bliss.

DOWNLOAD: “Made Out for This,” “Asa,” “”Let’s Go a Little”


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