3 Leg Torso – Animals & Cannibals

January 01, 1970

(Meester Records)




The ability to defy description and jump genres is a
definite asset when a band needs to distinguish itself from the competition.
That’s especially true when it’s an instrumental outfit that lacks the lyrical
hooks to hang on. And while a group that opts to banner itself under the
heading of 3 Leg Torso might otherwise add to the ambiguity, this unusual
sextet finds sure footing with an expansive blend of Eastern influences,
melodic jazz, symphonic suites, gypsy rambles and jaunty reels and polkas.


Fiddles, accordion, glockenspiel and brass provide the
arrangements with traditional trappings, but the spunky tempos and an
unconventional attitude make Animals
& Cannibals
a lively and exuberant encounter. Song titles like “The
Life and Times and Good Deeds of St. Penguin” and “Driving Along With My Cow In
My Volga” may leave listeners flummoxed, at least at first, but the music is so
disarming, it dispels any awkward introductions. Ultimately it becomes clear; 3
Leg Torso clearly doesn’t need any extra appendage when it comes to kicking out
the jams.


“According to Chagall,” “Bus Stop to Oblivion” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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