Levitation Festival 2015 (Pt. 2) 5/8-10/15, Austin

Dates: May 8-10, 2015

Location: Carson Creek Ranch, Austin TX

13th Floor Elevators 1


The Blurt crew turned on, tuned in and dropped out… actually, dropped IN – to Austin, for Levitation (formerly the Austin Psych Fest). Dr. Passman’s photos are below, and go HERE to view John Boydston’s photos and report.

(13th Floor Elevators)

13th Floor Elevators 2

13th Floor Elevators 3

13th Floor Elevators 4

(Flaming Lips)

Flaming Lips 4

Flaming Lips 3


Fuzz 1

(Golden Dawn Arkestra)

Golden Dawn Arkestra 1


Golden Dawn Arkestra 3

(Jesus & Mary Chain)

Jesus and Mary Chain 1

Jesus and Mary Chain 2

Jesus and Mary Chain 3

(Primal Scream)

Primal Scream 1

Primal Scream 2

Primal Scream 3

Primal Scream 4

Prmal Scream 5


Spindrift 1

Spindrift 2



Spiritualized 1

Spiritualized II

(The Black Ryder)


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