Zombies’ “Odessey” LP Reissued on Colored Vinyl

Zombies 2

And our 24-7 Zombies coverage continues apace…

By Uncle Blurt

It’s been quite a few weeks for the Zombies acolytes here at the BLURT pirate radio ship. First, we had longtime contributing ed. John B. Moore’s ecstatic review of the British Invasion legends’ Oct. 11 Philly area concert, followed shortly after that by veteran journalist (and our resident archival geek) Dave Steinfeld’s interview with the band’s Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone, and then finally our coming across an outstanding free MP3 download of the group’s Oct. 8 show in D.C., which included a complete performance of the landmark Odessey and Oracle album.

Zombies 1

We’re not maxed out yet, though, having just pulled our credit cards out en masse to order this sweet colored vinyl repressing of said classic LP. It’s part of the Newbury Comics colored wax reissue series, so as the saying goes… ‘nuf sed. Feast your eyes on that platter and then do what ya gotta do. Only 1000 copies are being pressed up…


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