YouTube in the Crosshairs of Jack White and Other Artists


And both Ryan AND Bryan Adams, yo! Why are Queens of the Stone Age and Toto in all caps, however? Wait, how many albums can one fit on an iPhone?

By Barbi Martinez

What do Beck, Jack White, Trent Reznor, David Byrne, the Black Keys, U2, Spoon, Pusha T, Miguel, Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Pearl Jam, Pharrell, Yoko Ono, Ryan Adams, TV on the Radio, Roy Ayers, Mark Ronson, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, Lady Gaga, Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan and Slash, Elvis Costello, Desiigner, Kacey Musgraves, Sade, Ronnie Spector, Rod Stewart, the Who’s Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, U2, Vince Staples, Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams, and Carole King all have in common?

No, it can’t be that they are all highly respected artists – included on the list is Taylor Swift, ha ha. But seriously folks.

Those are people, among quite a few more at the image above displays, who are petitioning Congress to reform the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so users of sites such as YouTube can’t just indiscriminately upload random music that happens to be copyrighted. (YouTube has a “safe harbor” clause in the DMCA that keeps it from being liable in copyright lawsuits; all it has to do is perform takedowns of suspect material when an infringement is alleged.

Basically, the petition claims that the DMCA enables tech companies “to grow and generate huge profits by creating ease of use for consumers to carry almost every recorded song in history in their pocket via a smartphone, while songwriters’ and artists’ earnings continue to diminish… [Needed is] “sensible reform that balances the interests of creators with the interests of the companies who exploit music for their financial enrichment.”


Hey, I kinda like having all those songs on my smartphone! Well, except any by Taylor Swift… In addition to the artists themselves, the Recording Academy, the RIAA and 19 record labels have signed the petition, which can be viewed at Yahoo.

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