You Were Waiting for that Morrissey Novel, Right? Right?!?


Er, yes, why, yes we were, girlfriend!

By Barbi Martinez

Like most of you, I read ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey’s 2013 autobiography Autobiography — whenever I could find snippets and excerpts online, that is. Lord, give me a Johnny Marr YouTube interview any day. That doesn’t mean I won’t be lined up in September to grab the singer’s debut novel, to be published by Penguin UK and titled List of the Lost. Well, okay, I’m lying; I won’t be lined up for it, but I will faithfully read what I can on whatever Amazon displays as well as what turns up on torrent sites. [You can have the advance PDF of it here in the office if you pledge to review it for us, Barbi.—Books Ed.]

Morrissey webzine True To You posted the official announcement of the book, which apparently has been in the works for a couple of years. See below…


Morrissey’s first novel, List of the Lost, will be published by Penguin Books (UK) at the end of September. The book will be issued in softcover/paperback as a New Fiction title, and comes almost two years after Morrissey’s very successful Autobiography publication of October 2013.

Penguin Books will confirm an on sale date within this coming week.
List of the Lost will be available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

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