We Have a Winner for Latest Blurt Contest!


Might be a weiner, though, if he turns out to be a Duke fan…. Pictured above: not Mr. Brown.

By Blurt Staff

We asked, you responded, dept.: Not long ago we launched another Blurt contest giveaway, this time asking, What kind of contest giveaways get you the most excited – vinyl, CDs, DVDs or promo swag – and what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to win? (Notice we didn’t ask you to do something crazy to win free swag – last time we did, Uncle Blurt wound up with three paternity suits and Barbi had to take out a restraining order on one of the readers.)

North Carolina’s Chuck Brown is our winner, and not just because he’s a fellow Tarheel, although that status definitely would have been a tie-breaker. A fabulous Blurt prize is winging his way shortly, and below is his answer. Don’t forget to enter in all the Blurt contests because you, too, could be a weiner….

Writes Mr. Brown: I’ll just put it this way: watching David Allan Coe roll up to the stage on a rascal scooter with one of those oxygen tubes in his nose was totally worth the minor inconvenience of having the call letters of my local Country (& Western!) station tattooed on the inside of my upper lip.

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