Which Pop Tart Annoys YOU the Most?


One million and two BLURT readers can’t be wrong… it’s a TIE!

 By Uncle Blurt

 I’m getting too old for this work… I just don’t understand why the editor even bothers to show me photos of Miley Cyrus (above) and Charli XCX (below). I could’ve sworn they were the same person, with different haircuts and coloring. Maybe I should go back to watching my old porn VHS tapes…. That’s when a woman was a woman and a man wore the pants, or at least for the first ten minutes or so. Can we get back to rock ‘n’ roll now, please? [No. –Ed.]


1 thought on “Which Pop Tart Annoys YOU the Most?

  1. Caitlin

    I don’t believe CharliXCX is even close to the same atrocious caliber of Miley. Charli has established herself as a fashion forward- grunge- pop icon in the alternative genre since the start of her career.

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