What If Record Albums – Like Radiohead – Were Books instead of Songs?

Radiohead books

The Radiohead example, above, gives you a pretty damn good sense of the concept.

By Blurt Staff

We love the random email we get at BLURT, honest – we save every damn publicity pitch, piece of porn and perfectly proposed spam-er that turns up. NOT!

But there are exceptions to the rule. This one is worth sharing. It’s from Simon James of Standard Designs, and the email speaks so perfectly for itself we’ll just share it in full with you. Seriously, the dude is talented, and he’s got a sense of humor to go with the visual flair. Check him  out, and tell him we sent ya. (Oh, and before all you other artists and photograhers get any ideas… don’t. You’ll go straight to File 13. But hey, you can always dream of superstardom via Ye Olde Blurte, eh?)


Dear Blurt –

     I thought I’d write and let you know about a series of prints I’ve made of eight of Radiohead’s albums as if they’d been written as books instead of songs. I’ve taken Pablo Honey, The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows and The King of Limbs and created a mini-library for each, with each track as its own novel, all arranged in the order they appear on the original album. Here’s what I mean – above is the OK Computer print.
     You can see the others in my Etsy shop here: http://etsy.me/13IwvFa . Also in the main section of my shop (standarddesigns.etsy.com) there are similar series for albums by The Smiths ( http://etsy.me/10yBxQx ), Kraftwerk ( http://etsy.me/139iiPr ), The Cure ( http://etsy.me/17mqj6i ), Joy Division ( http://etsy.me/12WosDI ) and New Order ( http://etsy.me/129wDzV ).
     I hope you and your readers will get a kick out of them. Thanks very much for your time.
     Best wishes
Simon James
Standard Designs

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