Welcome Back, Papa M (and David Pajo)


Check out the stunning “Walking on Coronado” below. Meanwhile, above, Dave P hangs out with his muse. Word.

By Fred Mills

Years ago, when I was just an aspiring BLURT-er, I wrote about myriad Chicago indie bands for the great rock mag Magnet, and among them was David Pajo. Look him up; here’s a link for ya. His project Papa M has been dormant for some time now, but as The Quietus reports, he’s back in action. As the British tastemakers report:

David Pajo is back with the first Papa M material in over a decade and you can listen to new track ‘Walking On Coronado’ above right now.

The new album, entitled Highway Songs, is the first Papa M LP proper since 2001’s Whatever, Mortal and a subsequent series of diary entry albums and a singles compilation released in 2004. David Pajo has performed alongside his old band Slint and recorded under the Pajo moniker in the last decade, but has mostly kept to himself in recent years.

Now he returns as Papa M with an accompanying text on the album reading: “Music from where the mind goes when the body is broken. Reflecting time spent hooked up to machines. A good person with bad thoughts, a story told in fragments.“ The album is out on November 11.

As the saying goes – welcome back, brutha Dave. Music, please:



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