Watch Vintage Joe Strummer MTV-era Video Clip


Courtesy one of our favorite blogs…

 By Uncle Blurt

Okay, so from time to time I steal content from fellow websites and blogs… hopefully, though, I give credit and provide links (unless, of course, it’s something that was simply sent out via a mass-emailed press release, such as tour dates, an album announcement, etc.). One of my faves – and indeed, a fave among most of the BLURT staffers here in our boogie van – is ‘80s-centric blog Slicing Up Eyeballs, which culls the crème de la college of the era, both vintage and current as it relates to, duh, the ‘80s bands that the Eyeballs crew holds dear.

 Case in point: this Joe Strummer nugget. Reports SUE: “Been a while since we’ve done a “120 Minutes” Rewind … and there’s no better way to do it than with this “120 X-Ray” on the mighty Joe Strummer. The Dave Kendall-intro’d clip from 1989 catches the former Clash frontman while on tour in support of his solo album Earthquake Weather.”

Here ya go, punters… meanwhile, read the BLURT editor’s 2001 interview with Joe Strummer here.

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