Watch Reunited Let’s Active Live at Cat’s Cradle


No doubt there are plenty more videos online as well…

By Fred Mills

Were you there? We mean last weekend’s Let’s Active reunion – part of the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation benefit concert at Carrboro’s Cat’s Cradle (full details right HERE at Blurt, natch). And if you want to check out, or relive for that matter, the group’s absolutely riveting version of LA classic “Waters Part,” here’s a video clip for ya. It’s a bit distant from a viewing standpoint, but the audio is solid. And the audience is clearly as much in the groove as the band – one of those magic NC moments that can only happen in, let’s face it, NC…. Among the other tunes performed were “In Between,” “Easy Does,” “Every Word Means No” and – in a bittersweet moment, because Faye Hunter, who sang it on the record, is no longer with us – “Blue Line,” done appropriately enough by one of our favorite guest singers. You know her… Okay Mitch, let’s do it again, ya know? We all want more.

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