Watch People Listen to a Stereo Playing Boards of Canada


Everyone’s a couch potato in this world!

 By Fred Mills

 Since everyone’s hanging on to every word, tweet and bathtub fart that Boards of Canada has been uttering of late – their new album Tomorrow’s Harvest drops on June 11 – it makes sense that a bunch of kids (presumably unemployed, or just out of college for the summer) gathered yesterday afternoon at Lake Dolores Waterpark in southern California. Or, technically speaking, the dingy, dusty rear parking lot of the business. That’s where Boards pulled up in an Airstream trailer, hauled out a pair of big-ass speakers, and proceeded to give a preview of the record. And naturally someone was there in the (rather smallish) crowd to stream it live via UStream – which you can now watch in this archived stream. Hey, it’s almost as great as that classic Replacements video for “Bastards of Young”!

Video streaming by Ustream

Seriously. As Pitchfork so helpfully provided, you can watch people sitting on the ground listening to music coming out of a pair of stereo speakers. Hey, in this economy, free entertainment is free entertainment! And as you have surmised, that free entertainment is a sure fire way to drum up free publicity for the band and its album….

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