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STone Jack Jones

Haunting memory poem recast in an equally haunting clip.


By Blurt Staff


Tell my children, daddy’s gonna work in the hole,” murmurs Stone Jack Jones, born into the fourth generation of coal miners in Buffalo Creek, West Virginia. Jones himself escaped the mines and worked a series of odd jobs – carny, escape artist, ballet dancer, lute player, strip club owner and finally Nashville singer songwriter – but his memories of rural coal country shape the shadowy contours of Ancestor, his third full-length album. The main character in the video for “Black Coal,” directed by Zach Spigel, is West Virginia, its misty dirt roads and weathered old houses creating a dreamlike backdrop for Jones’ mournful folk song.

Black Coal from Madison Rowley on Vimeo.


Ancestor was produced with Roger Moutenot (known for his work with Yo La Tengo, Sleater Kinney, They Might Be Giants, and others) and features collaborations with Patty Griffin, members of Lambchop, and Courtney Tidwell. Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner called the album “long and languid, moving none too fast, there’s alcohol and rope in the air. There ought to be a place, a bar, or barn, where this music plays from p.a. suspended in the middle of the room like those ones they used in the civil defense strapped to polls in the neighborhoods of the 60s, 50s…Fan shaped horns arranged in a center cluster…there’s nostalgic allusion and ghostly nods to a world only Jack knows, and perhaps his god knows.”


The album comes out March 4th on Western Vinyl Records.  

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