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Colorworks 2

Bedazzling pop, indeed.

By Blurt Staff

When a publication as respected as The Big Takeover talks British Invasion, power pop, ringing Rickenbackers and the like, we listen – and this is no exception. Seattle foursome Colorworks have a new 4-song cassette/digital EP called Dreams of Mangoes, and based on the video that TBT premiered a few days ago, we’d have to say they are spot on. Check out the track “Daydreams”:

The group includes co-songwriters Bret Dylan (guitar) and Nick Myette (bass) and percussionist Andrew Ginn and guitarist/keyboardist David Easton, and this EP, due June 22, is the followup to the 2015 debut EP Joyla Red. As TBT enthuses, the group bedazzles with promises of The Zombies, Byrds, and Kinks (and Joyla’s “Paris, You Take Care was Zombiesesque!); more precisely, “Daydreams” and “Pears and Mangoes” are that late 1965-1966 ringing Rickenbacker guitar pop that once ruled minds/charts. It’s a smooth British Invasion/American Explosion nod to a bygone Hollies-to-Monkees-to-Cyrkle-to-Dovers-to-Searchers-to-Emitt Rhodes sweet spot, with choir boy harmonies/innocence like The Last, dBs, Let’s Active, Red Button, Choo Choo Train/Velvet Crush, Posies, Grays, and Dukes of Statosphear’s “You’re My Drug.” ”

Well, all right then!



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