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By Blurt Staff

The album is titled No Turn Left Behind and that is truth-in-titling: Americana songstress Lisa said grew up in Memphis as the child of Egyptian expatriates, but she would eventually wind up in Chattanooga, then NYC, then Asheville, NC, and then in Washington, DC. Such wanderlust informs her debut album, which was cut in studios in the larger DC area with producer Don Zientara. We are advised thusly:

“This body of songs represents the conflict that is core to Lisa’s journey caught between a Bedouin mother and a Pharaonic father and a lot of dramatic chorus, growing up “ethnic looking” in the middle of Tennessee, between being an artist to needing to make a living, between small town and big city, moving and staying, the push and pull, crossing bridges and burning bridges, and sometimes that nagging feeling of just wanting to live remotely and be alone…with Elvis,  Bob, Mick, Keith, Pete, Marc, Neil, Rod, Ray, Chrissie, Nick, Patti, Johnny, and the other Elvis.”

Indeed; check out the first video from the album, which was released Aug. 26 on Lisa’s own label:

“The album was recorded over the course of a year and a few months starting in February 2015 with Andrew Toy laying down the foundation on drums at Inner Ear—ten songs recorded over 2 days in the studio. Then came the other layers locally, followed by the remote add-ons of Seth Kauffman (Floating Action), then local additions by Jon Carroll (Starland Vocal Band) in between touring, then violin added remotely by Kip Jones, then songs were mixed remotely by Jason Kingsland and Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses), and mastered locally by Don Zientara.”

Photo credit: Lynda Meier.

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