Watch New Video from Garage Gals ‘n’ Guy Gurus The Ettes


Steamysexycool. Did we mention that it’s friggin’ steamysexycool?

 By Blurt Staff

 It’s called “You Were There.” Wow. As longtime Ettes fans, we’ve felt the steam rising from the Nashville-by-way-of-L.A. trio many times before, with their fuzz-drenched, femme-throated pulchritude; and the videos have never been less than incandescent; but this one—both song and video—tips the scales all the way into pure psychological heaviosity. Like I said—wow.

Directed by Jo McCaughey, the song is also now available on a split 7″ with The Monsters (Reverend Beatman) on Muddy Roots Records. Originally from The Ettes’ album Wicked Will, natch. And if you don’t have that album at this late stage in the game, there’s still time to catch up. Don’t miss ‘em live if they come to your town.

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