Watch New Video from Brother Dege

Brother Dege

Track hails from the Louisiana roots-rocker’s acclaimed recent album.

 By Fred Mills

 It was one of our fave albums from late last year, How to Kill A Horse by Brother Dege. Yours truly was heard enthusing in these very pages, “Comparisons can be made to the likes of Chris Whitley, J.J. Grey & Mofro, Rocco DeLuca and Rainer Ptacek, most obviously due to Dege’s prominent wielding of resonator guitar, its twinned atmospheric-yet-earthy qualities signifying mystery and spirits alongside elegance and conviction. Too, his vocals, part bluesman’s haunted howl and part folkie’s reassuring croon, convey a remarkable range of emotions that perfectly suit his character-driven tales.”

 Now you can check out a new video from B.D., album track “River.” It was filmed during the bluesman’s recent European tour.

Says Dege, of the song, “It’s just a little meditation on life and everything around you kind of moving but seemingly not changing. But it’s changing all the time – at times quickly, other times microscopically slow. It’s strange how one’s perception of time changes as you get older…the years whip by…next thing you know, you’re in an old folks home.” 

 He adds, talking specifically about the clip, “Like 90% of my other videos, this one was made for pretty much no money. We shot it on iPhones and a cheap video camera while I was on tour in Europe in 2013. I used the most of the same footage to make a short film titled FLUX as well. I like to have a good time. If I see something cool, walk over and shoot it. Figure out what to do with it later.” 

 Photo credit: Adrien Berthet

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