Watch New “Shaman of Snakes” Video by Sorne


Alternate version of artist’s signature song, captured live in 2015.

By Blurt Staff

His name is Morgan Sorne but he simply goes by the name Sorne, and he’s been wowing audiences for some time now (some of the Blurt crew caught him at the Mountain Oasis festival in 2013 and were reportedly knocked out). This L.A.-based conceptual artist and musician (shades of Jim Morrison and Trent Reznor) has also been working on a multi-volume series titled House of Stone, which in 2011 featured standout track “Shaman of Snakes.” Recently he decided to update the tune via the live video, below, so check it out.

Comments Sorne, “I am currently in the process of writing an entire new album, a part from ‘House of Stone’ (which has three volumes left to be released). I have been building a sound catalog of the area where I now live in downtown Los Angeles. This video serves as a glimpse into the way in which I am building and composing the music for this new album. “

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