Watch New Radiohead Video (but of course…)


We are Pitchfork, and we approved of this message.

By Barbi Martinez

You want to “break the internet”? Call yourself “Radiohead” – and then do pretty much anything. Rather than recap all the Thom Yorke & Co. – related shenanigans that have been going on the past week, let me just link you to this recap over at Pitchfork (the American wing of the RH street team) and move along to this new stop-action video for the song “Burn the Witch.” The clip itself makes me feel like a child again, watching that Rudolph Christmas special, while the music is pretty pure Radiohead even though the strings motif is a bit of a newie. Some of you will want to navel-gaze over the fact that the band has placed the track on both YouTube and Spotify, but we’ll leave that to all the junior Bob Lefsetzes in the audience because really, who gives a shit, it’s freakin’ new Radiohead!

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