Watch “new” Led Zep Video for Unreleased Track


“Whole Lotta Love (rough mix with vocal)” Synched to Composite Concert Footage.

By Fred Mills

With the expanded reissues of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums due in stores next week (and the advances on heavy rotation ‘round the BLURT countryside cottage), Swansong/WEA has unveiled a “new” video. Watch it, below.

The details, per the Led Zep camp:: The video is a composite of several classic Led Zeppelin live performances, some well-known and others rarely seen. The “Rough Mix With Vocal” version of “Whole Lotta Love” is featured on the deluxe edition of Led Zeppelin II . John Paul Jones, Page and Robert Plant each commented on the companion audio version of “Whole Lotta Love.”

Jones said: “‘Whole Lotta Love’ must have been very early on its life, so it probably hadn’t developed into the juggernaut that it became in later years. But it’s fresher, I think.”

Page commented: “This version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is the mix down from the night that we recorded it, so it doesn’t have any of the overdubs that everyone will be familiar with, because when they hear this they’ll think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the original’ and all of a sudden they’ll go ‘No, it’s not.'”

Plant added: “You can see how songs grow. There must have been five or six other takes of that, which are not present. So the shaping of these things is very interesting and you can hear with this particular version that we haven’t quite reached the point yet, and that it’s very, very close.”

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