Watch New John Howard Cover + Video of Nick Drake Song

Noted British singer songwriter has been in the business since around the time Drake was releasing his fourth album.

By Blurt Staff

A year ago, veteran singer songwriter John Howard released his acclaimed Across the Door Sill, and he’s currently writing material for his next solo record. (In the meantime a Granite Shore album, Suspended Second, was also released.) En route, he’s got a new single, “From the Morning,” that will officially drop Dec. 1; an EP will arrive in February.

Howard notes, “The song was written by the brilliant singer-songwriter Nick Drake in 1972 for his final album ‘Pink Moon’, and it has long been one of my favourite songs of Nick’s. The sleeve pic for the single, by the way, was taken in Manchester in 1972, the year that Nick Drake recorded and released his recording of From The Morning‘, and just twelve months before I left home for London to begin my own recording career.”

You can order the single at all the usual digital outlets (including iTunes), and if you want a preview, check out the haunting, beautiful video for it, below, which he has posted to YouTube and his Facebook page.



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