Watch New Dean Ween Group Video “Exercise Man”


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By Blurt Staff

Anyone who’s ever chuckled at the colorful, too-tight spandex pants and gritted teeth at the traffic delay can identify with the lyrics:

7 miles of traffic backed up in a turn
but you’re pumpin’ your legs and you’re feelin’ the burn
and you’ll ride that fuckin’ bike just as far as you can, you’re the exercise man

stupid asshole…. exercise man
fuckin’ douchebag…. exercise man
fuck you… exercise man

This would also be the song “Exercise Man” by the Dean Ween Group, from their new record The Deaner Album, and the accompanying video is pretty awesome. Check it out below; it was directed by Monica Hampton. And yes, that is indeed Curt Kirkwood from the Meat Puppets playing guitar in the band in addition to Ween…. The group is on tour all this week and you can check dates at the website, natch.

EXERCISE MAN by The Dean Ween Group from Monica Hampton on Vimeo.

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