Watch New Chandler Travis Video


Frank Zappa would be proud of this multitasking musician—who also has new album from one of his other projects.

By Blurt Staff

“Some old buggers playing a stinky club on Cape Cod”: that would be Boston area rocker (and Incredible Casuals legend) Chandler Travis and his band The Catbirds. They belie that “old” tag, however, with a powerhouse style of punk/garage/indie that’s equal parts Crazy Horse and Husker Du. These beer swillers know of what they rawk, as anyone who’s ever seen ‘em live (or glommed onto the numerous videos, both live and staged, that can be found at the Chandler Travis website).

The latest one is “I Want It,” filmed by Cave Cod Wave magazine at the Wellfleet Beachcomber on Aug 12, 2016, so check it out:

In other Travis news, his “big band,” fittingly called the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, released Waving Kissyhead, Vol. 2 & 1 on February 10th via the musician’s own Iddy Biddy label. It’s described as “full of Travis’ trademark homespun quirky pop work that places him squarely in the company of folks like mid-period Kinks, XTC and Smiley Smile-era Brian Wilson.” It’s the band’s first full-length since Blows and was mostly recorded by Ducky Carlisle at Dimension in Jamaica Plain.


The band is also marking its silver twentieth anniversary with the album release. Notes Travis, “I’m borderline proud of the fact that many bands with our commercial potential would’ve given up years ago, but not us!”




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