Watch “Hunter S. Thompson” Trawl/Trip @CES ’15


No word on who was passing out the ‘shrooms….

By Blurt Staff

Amid the media frenzy at covering this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas one report clearly stands the tallest so far: sent a journalist – term used loosely – who filed the below video report. It’s pretty awesome and doesn’t really need any ‘splaining from us.

Writes Mashable, “In a nutshell, CES is a pit of 150,000 people crammed into Las Vegas’ Convention Center for a week of adoration and promotion of virtually every advancement in modern technology. You’ve got your basics: Bad food. Strange lighting. Way too many lanyards. One thing is for sure, though: This is a terrible place to do drugs. We sent our own gonzo journalist out into the chaos. This is what he came back with.”

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