Watch Hilarious (and rockin’…) Brett Newski Video


“Don’t quit your day job,” advises Thom Petty.

By Fred Mills

It’s not that often that the Blurt braintrust laughs out loud at a new rock video – I mean, we have enough cat videos to keep our sides aching. But actually, let’s make that, laugh WITH a new rock video: “Garage,” by songwriter Brett Newski. It’s vaguely about the rocker encountering one of his idols on the streets of Prague, but it’s way more than that, as you’ll learn:

Kinda speaks for itself, eh? Alll we can say, other than maybe something about Newski runnin’ down a dream or two in the clip, is that it speaks for itself. And the power pop tilting tune is about as infectious as they get.

Check out our review of Newski’s Hi-Fi DIY EP right here, and you can also read senior editor jumpin’ John Moore’s 2014 interview with him over here. Newski’s new album Land Air Sea Garage will be released in Europe in August, and then here in the States on Nov. 1.

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