Watch Exploding White Mice Australian Reunion Concert

By Fred Mills

All you fellow Australian indie devotees will remember Adelaide band the Exploding White Mice, who between 1988 and 1994 released four killer studio albums: Brute Force and Ignorance (August 1988), Exploding White Mice (1990), Collateral Damage (1992) and We Walk Alone (1994), plus the brilliant In A Next of Vipers mini-album. The group – originally Paul Gilchrist on vocals, Andy MacQueen on bass guitar, Gerry Barrett on guitar, Craig Rodda on drums and Giles Barrow on rhythm guitar; a number of lineup changes would subsequently take place– were the perfect marriage of punk and hard rock, and many Aussie watchers predicted Hoodoo Gurus-like international success. The band did make significant European inroads, but less so in the US, and eventually split in 1999.

They left behind a legion of fans with long, happy memories, though. I have every one of their records and wouldn’t trade ’em for bars of gold. Go here to watch a live video from back in the day – 1996, with latterday lineup Jeff Stephens lead guitar & vocals, Andy MacQueen bass, Dave Bunney drums, Andy Bunney guitar.

Just recently, on Oct. 12 the band reunited for Adelaide’s ADL Film Festival to mark the film Vive Le Punk, performing at the Producer’s Hotel. Watch the footage, below. As Flat Cap Productions notes, “We recently filmed Exploding White Mice to mark their 25 year reunion show at the Producers bar in Adelaide and here it is in all its glory! It was a lot of fun with a lot people reliving there memories! i would imagine a lot of sore bodies the next day.”

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