Watch Drunken Prayer’s Bigfoot Video Terrorize Western N.C.


Morgan, you are making me homesick… for the rest of the readers, if you have ever been to Asheville, NC, this one’s for you.

 By Fred Mills

 Okay, lissen up: the weekend starts right now, with Drunken Prayer.  We here at BLURT are all about said Prayer—the band, not the adjective/noun, although in truth, we have submitted plenty of our own drunken prayers over the years. Just ask our lawyer. At any rate, Drunken Prayer THE BAND, which is one Morgan Christopher Geer, not only a good friend but also the braintrust behind the Asheville/Portland based group, and whose noir/folk-blooze twisted tales we have written about numerous times in the past, has recently been engaged in a huge burst of creative energy, video wise.


To wit:

 After recording the recently released House of Morgan (Nov, 2013) largely on his own, Morgan Geer has now taken to creating a series of videos to support the record. In keeping with the spirit of the record, all of these videos are self–produced. What began with the unsettling videos for “Hunt Me Down“, and “KEF-666” continues with “I Saw It With My Own Two Eyes, Again”.  As Geer tells it, “the video is the result of being snowed in and day drinking in Asheville, North Carolina. It started out as a poorly executed Bigfoot hoax and devolved into just going to a bar for the rest of the afternoon”.

 Lord, ain’t it the truth, and bless that little hairy sum’bitch’s heart. Bigfoot, not Morgan. Although Morgan has been known to sport a rather hirsute fashion sense… but I digress. Check out the new “… Two Eyes…” video, below, and then surf back to the above links to watch the previous clips. More videos a’comin’, just like thunder on the horizon, if you catch my drift.

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