Watch Disguised Drake Interview Men-On-The-Street About… Hisself



 By Barbi Martinez (Blurt intern)

 I used to LOOOOOOVE Drake… until he beat up his girlfriend. Wait, that was Chris Brown. Okay, reboot: I used to LOOOOOOOOVE Drake, until he got  drunk and urinated in public. Or so the folks at Jimmy Kimmel told us the other night. If it’s on TV (and subsequently on the internet), it must be true! Don’t worry, you’ll understand in a moment. Hint: wait for the “reveal” at the end. The “chickenhead” comment was okay, but not really viral-worthy. That sex tape might be worth watching soon, but not if he’s in the beard. We’re all about the Tigers fan, though… PS to Drake: Those weren’t Ray-bans, love, ur fren, Barbi.

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