Watch Devastating Live Video of Hymn For Her Doing Dylan’s “Hollis Brown”


Despoiling the Great American Songbook (ours, at least), one song at a time: The rock ‘n’ roll nomads who spend the bulk of their time criss-crossing the US in their classic Airstream get busy once more.

By Uncle Blurt

Holy. Fucking. Shit. How do we love thee, Hymn For Her, ye of Sarasota, Florida, aka Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing who dropped their latest album, Drive Til U Die? The BLURT braintrust has already showcased an ace set of tunes for y’all – so what would you BLURT readers say to, in their words, “We pay homage to the 2016 Nobel Prize winner who continues to blow our minds.” Well, that is putting matters gently.

Watch this recent live performance by the duo – closely, in fact, because this is as intricate a study as you’ll get. Take a deep breath – more than once, perhaps… let it roar.

A dirty drivin’ rain, indeed. As intense as it gets, particularly in the context of where we find ourselves now in America.

The name’s Dylan. You may have heard of him. Of the above homage, well, trust us, it’s as relevant now as it was a week ago. Or a year ago. Or 10 years ago. Or…. you get the idea.  Some relevant links follow, because you seriously need to see these folks up close and personal.


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