Watch a Custom Video for Bevis Frond’s “London Stone”


May the Frond be with you! Above: Nick Saloman approved this message.

By Fred Mills

Regular BLURT contributor (and our Beijing correspondent, to boot) Jonathan Levitt has been known to lurk outside the London flat of one Nick Saloman, aka Bevis Frond, in a manner akin to A.J. Weberman during his Bob Dylan garbology days. Luckily Saloman has a secret underground exit he can utilize…. at any rate, we here at BLURT are all Frond fiends ourselves, so it’s pretty cool that one of us can put his skillz where his mouth is: some time ago he created a special video for the song “London Stone,” and it’s a corker, as they might say in ol’ Blighty.

As Levitt puts it, “One of my favorite Bevis Frond songs, that I wanted for a long time to match some visuals to. London Stone is a great record and really an under appreciated one at that. Thanks to Nick Salomon for his great music through all these years.”

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