Watch a Tom Waits Interview Featuring an Animated (literally) Waits


Toonfishtrombones deluxe for dinner!

By Blurt Staff

Ever fancied turning Tom Waits into a ‘toon? And no, one of those Simpson character generators won’t do. Well, lucky you (and us): over at Blank on Blank they recently created an animated video of Waits using the dialogue from a 1988 interview he did with journalist Chris Roberts.

According to BoB’s David Gerlach, they took the original 54-minute interview, cleaned up the audio, mixed in some “Tom Waits Big Time-esque sounds that could reflect [different] moods” and then got Patrick Smith to work on the images.

Roberts himself told the website that Waits is “a natural raconteur. A great one. You just get out of the way and let him do his thing, perform. If you can nudge the jokes along, so much the better. Waits is a dream interviewee. If only more artists gave a one man show via the medium of interview.  you stay loose. Don’t trample on his lines. Let him be Tom Waits. That’s what you want, it’s what he wants and it’s what the readers want. Don’t rein him in. No point putting a champion racehorse on a leash.”

Amen. Watch the video, below.

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