Who Wants to Play a Rock Board Game? (And, uh, why?!?)


“In CHOPS, the Rock and Roll Board Game, you build bands and play gigs for cashola. But be careful, rock and roll can be dangerous.” Right. If the above photo is someone’s idea of “dangerous”, well… Guitar Hero, this aint.

By Uncle Blurt

You at least have to give ‘em credit for having big huevos: in 2016, the notion that launching a board game might prove to be profitable is borderline ludicrous (if not downright psychotic), and if you don’t believe that, please go out and poll, say, 25 people to find out if any of them play games that are not on computers, smartphones, Xboxes or PlayStations. That said, apparently there are some statistics out there suggesting that board games – which are now officially termed “tabletop games” in order to connote genuine fanboy successes like Dungeons & Dragons – have enjoyed steady sales increases for the past 6 years.

That’s why the Blurt braintrust didn’t immediately hit “delete” when a press release came in about new board game CHOPS, by Quirky Engine Entertainment.

From the release:

“Gamers to live out their rock and roll dreams in a new board game called CHOPS from Quirky Engine Entertainment. Players hire musicians, build bands, and play gigs for cash and buzz. But rock and roll has never been so dangerous. With obstacles like bar brawls, polka resurgences, the threat of being sent to military school, alien abduction, and even demonic possession, CHOPS mixes a bit of fantasy with a sense of humor for a rollicking time with friends or family around the game table.

“’We went beyond just creating a really great game,’ said Craig Nybo, lead designer of CHOPS. ‘We built a whole world of rock and roll. We wrote bios on each of the in-game musicians. We put together historical information about the venues. We even wrote short stories about some of the bands in the game. Our theory: if we create a rock and roll world and invite players in for a visit, the game will take on a life of its own.’

“But most of the “world” information created by CHOPS game developers will never make it in the game table. World building, according to Nybo and other Quirky Engine game inventors is a necessary background part of creating a great game.”

Well, all right then! More details can be found HERE. Meanwhile, check the video trailer above, as its unintentional hilarity speaks louder than anything I could write. For example, these are some of the “challenges” you’ll encounter while playing the game. Polka resurgences – brrrrrrr!


The game is slated to be out in time for Xmas, and apparently there are also actual video “bios” of the “musicians” who are part of the game —and an actual album featuring music by some of those bands, with names like The Punk Cats, Acid Holiday, Skinning Tuesday, and Trip Vicious. That last one, actually, kind of induced a shudder in your ol’ uncle, because I was never a fan of Sid Vicious, and Trip Shakespeare blew chunks, ya know? As I will probably not be lining up to buy a copy of the game, feel free to let BLURT know what you think of it if you take the plunge. Also from Quirky: Hoagie, a goofy kitchen adventure; Trash War, a game of junkyard combat waged by medieval knights; and Shoot Your Friends, a lightning-fast card game that comes with an electronic toy gun. Heck, I’ve always wanted a goofy kitchen adventure, haven’t you?



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