Video/Track: New from Iceland’s múm


Icelandic experimental-pop collective múm will release Smilewound out September 17 on Morr Music. The band recently debuted a new video for their first single ‘Toothwheels’:

Smilewound was recorded in the band’s studio, in an old Baltic farmhouse, on the kitchen table after dinner, and in many other places, and was produced by múm themselves. Formed in 1997 by original members Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Póreyjarson Smárasoneing, the band has hosted a revolving door of players over the years, and sees the return of original band member Gyda Valteysdóttir on this new release.

Following their 2009 album, Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know, the band’s fourth effort is said to “show the juxtaposing of two conflicting meanings, taking advantage of the energy created through the tension between both.”

Well, all right then!

In between albums and other various projects including their Early Birds rarities compilation, Kylie Minogue asked the band to collaborate on ‘Whistle,’ the main song in 2012 film Jack & Diane, and they were hand-picked by Brian Eno to attend last year’s edition of Norway’s Punkt Festival. They’re also playing All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland this weekend.

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