Videos: Vampire Weekend Plays Saturday Night Live

Vampire Weekend SNL

Here dey is!

By Fred Mills

 Frankly, we’d rather be forced to go on safari with Elton John (as pundit Bob Ham put it so eloquently the other day) than listen to the tepid, twee, torturous tones of Vampire Weekend. This group’s appeal totally eludes us. But hey, in the interest of populism and web traffic, we present this one for YOU, dear nonjudgmental readers. The popular mainstream band – likened by some to “hipsterville’s Dave Matthews Band” – played Saturday Night Live this weekend, and here are the songs they played. Enjoy that safari hunt, kids!

 Oh, and watch for our review of the new album, Modern Vampires of the City, which is released this week. In the interest of being fair and balanced, we resisted our urge to give our promo copy of the record to that homeless guy hanging outside the BLURT storefront every Friday afternoon and instead solicited the input of a staunch VW supporter…

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