Videos: Thee Hypnotics Back In Action!

By Fred “Shakedown” Mills and Jonathan “Soul Trader” Levitt

As we noted not all that long ago, Britain’s erstwhile Detroit-torch-carryers, Thee Hypnotics, have gotten back together for a reunion tour and a career-spanning box set. The BLURT braintrust has been throbbing in anticipation ever since. And this weekend the hard rock mavens kicked out the proverbial jams in front of a gobsmacked Leicester audience, as the fan-generated video clips below amply demonstrate. (FYI, the top clip is the best-sounding one; the other two have some significant audio distortion.) Americans, you have been duly warned. Here’s the evening’s setlist:

Thee Hypnotics Leicester 2018 from Hansten Klork on Vimeo.

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