Video/MP3: New Tosca Track from Tlapa – The Odean Remixes


Album due Aug. 20 from !K7

 It’s something of tradition for Tosca to get their albums remixed. It’s a way of keeping things fresh, injecting some uncertainty into proceedings, knocking things out of balance in order to check how they should be re-aligned.

  Richard Dorfmeister (he of Kruder & Dorfmeister fame) and Rupert Huber’s most recent album ‘Odeon’, released last year, was darker and more ambient than its predecessors. “We’ve always had a darker, ambient side,” says Dorfmeister. “We really wanted to emphasise that aspect of music with ‘Odeon’.”

That’s their take on it. The idea now was to get other people’s. The first person the pair approached was New York producer Brendan Moeller, who remixed ‘Bonjour’, turning it into a muted soundscape of drifting synths and keening strings that slowly warms as a bubbling riff fades in. “The choice of remixer for ‘Stuttgart’ was a case of obvious connections. The track already had a bit of a Latin feel thanks to guest Lucas Santtana from Brazil. Dorfmeister is longterm friends with Rainer Trüby, king of the latin-leftfield sound.

  Of course, Dorfmeister is an accomplished remixer himself, so it would have been remiss not get involved. “I remixed ‘In My Brain Prince Eugen’ with the Madrid De Los Austrias guys, who are friends of mine,” he explains.“ Other reworks come from Silver City, two guys from from Buenos Aires who live in London. They apply an ’80s twist to ‘Johnny Waters’. LTJ Experience, an alter ego on Italian producer Luca Trevisi from Bologna, turns in an atmospheric interpretation of ‘Meixner’. Perhaps the most unusual remix is AFG’s version of ‘Cavallo’, which sees spoken word passages thrust to the fore. “That’s definitely the most leftfield,” agrees Dorfmeister.

  If ‘Odeon’ was the sound of a band at the top of their game, still relevant after two decades, then the remix album shows they’re still on top of the music scene, pulling together well-judged names, old and new, to give their distinctive sound an equally distinctive twist. Think of it as ‘the Vienna sound’ via London, Stuttgart, New York and Paris. An album for everyone everywhere.

Track list:

1. BONJOUR (Beat Pharmacy Escape)

2. MEIXNER (LTJ Xperience Mix)

3. IN MY BRAIN PRINZ EUGEN (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austriasybbs Version)

4. BONJOUR (Brendon Moeller Reshape)

5. HEATWAVE (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thonversion)

6. JOHNNY WATERS (Silver City Remix)

7. ENDE MAI (Joyce Muniz Remix)

8. STUTTGART (Marlow & Trüby Refix)

9. CAVALLO (AFG Version)

10. JAYJAY (Stefane Lefrancois Version)

11. JAYJAY (Makossa & Megablast 80ies Remake)

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