Video: Watch the Update to Connells’ iconic “’74-’75”


Clip is updated to include the characters originally appearing in it as they are now.

By Blurt Staff

Longtime fans of North Carolina’s Connells band – a mainstay of the late ’80s and early ’90s, they still perform occasionally in and around their homebase of Raleigh – will remember the “’74-’75” video from the band’s Ring album. The song was a minor MTV hit here in the states but went absolutely massive in Europe, and it was bolstered by the below video filmed by acclaimed director Mark Pellington (who also did hit  vids for U2 and Pearl Jam.

Today in Raleigh’s News & Observer music critic David Menconi wrote a kind of where-are-they-now article about the people who were in the original video (they were mostly at Broughton High School, which is where several members of the band attended); a photo gallery of those people as they appear in 2015 accompanies the article.

Even better, the newspaper put together an edited version of the video, plugging in visuals from the photo shoots of the people – including the members of the band in 2015 ( drummer Peele Wimberley, who was in the band at the time, is unfortunately not pictured). Watch the video HERE – it’s quite moving.

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