Video: Watch the new Track from Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust

Album arrives in a month on Jagjaguwar. “It’s just the chemicals in your brain,” all you bipolar BLURT readers, and we love you for that…

 By Blurt Staff

 Lightning Dust, come June 25, will drop Fantasy on Jagjaguwar, their third full-length, and the band claims to find its inspiration “in skeletal synth pop, modern R&B beats, the films of John Carpenter and — in accordance with Lightning Dust’s only longstanding rule — absolute minimalism.”

Well, all right then! In the new video for core track “Diamond,” which is about the vicissitudes of relationships, and directed by Helen Reed, an aquatic facility is full of young people enjoying a soak. One by one, a small group of synchronized swimmers emerge. In “Diamond,” relationships end up being as ephemeral as a performance – “nothing’s promised or ever guaranteed to last.”

 Lightning Dust is Amber Webber and Josh Wells of Black Mountain and they’ll be on tour at the end of June. They’ll perform several dates in Canada, twice at the Pickathon festival, and additional dates up and down the west coast.

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