Video: Watch All-star Jam w/Drivin’ n’ Cryin’, Baseball Project, etc.


They’re going straight to hell just like their mamas once told ’em they would…

By Fred Mills / Video Shot by Larry Tucker

Sunday night (July 13) the BLURT crew was the only place we could be: at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre for the 40th anniversary party of our sister business Schoolkids Records. The evening brought smokin’ live sets from locals the Debonzo Brothers, Hank Sinatra and Six String Drag (yes, the ’90s twang band has reunited), plus the Baseball Project (who we profiled last week) and Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ (who had erstwhile Jason & the Scorchers guitarist guesting in fine style). A BIG thanks to everyone involved who made this a blowout event in which everyone had a stellar time.

Below, watch the big 15-minute encore for DnC’s classic “Straight To Hell” featuring the Baseball Project and others joining in. The happy look on Mike Mills’ face is worth the price of admission alone, and Linda Pitmon even submits some of her best pogo moves.

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