Video: Veruca Salt Plays the Conan Show



Prepare to be underwhelmed.

By Uncle Blurt

Does anyone really care that ’90s alterna-pop strumpets Veruca Salt are back together? Does anyone actually wish that ANY of the crap alterna-pop bands that dominated the ’90s would reunite? You kids, you just don’t know how good you got it, not having to live through that godforsaken and decidedly non-musical decade…

Anyhoo, while I was sleeping off my six-pack last night, apparently the Veruca gals turned up on Conan O’Brien’s show to do a couple of songs, their old “Seether” hit plus a recent composition, “Museum of Broken Relationships. Watch ’em below — unless of course you’d rather chug a six-pack and take a snooze, which might seem to be the more attractive option.

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