Video: U2 Pays Tribute to B.B. King in Vancouver


First time in 22 years the Irish rockers have done it.

By Barbi Martinez, Blurt intern

Say what you will about the debacle that is U2’s Rattle And Hum film – the soundtrack itself was pretty great, and among the highlights was their collaboration with B.B. King, “When Love Comes to Town.” It’s been 22 years since they’ve done it in concert, however. But last night on the second show of their “Innocence & Experience” tour, in Vancouver, they pulled it out of mothballs in tribute to the bluesman, who had passed away one day earlier. Below, watch a pretty solid audience clip of the performance. Hey, who the heck is that gal with the camera who was allowed onstage with the band?

Meanwhile, by now everyone probably knows that the night before, during the tour opener, The Edge made a serious misstep while not paying attention to the edge of the stage and fell off. You can watch a clip of that below as well – luckily he wasn’t seriously hurt (it looks like his guitar neck might’ve taken a knock, though) and what’s funny is that Bono keeps singing throughout. Both Bono and The Edge subsequently poked fun at the incident, with Bono being quoted as saying, “Somebody said that the Edge had downloaded himself into the audience without asking permission. I thought that was great.” The Edge himself took to Instagram to say he was okay, posting a photo of scrapes on his right arm.

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