Video: U2 Guitarist The Edge Plays the Sistine Chapel


Someone please swap out the ski cap for a more appropriate chapeau, however…

By Barbi Martinez

Given that we are big U2 fans around the BLURT doublewide, it was still surprising news to learn that The Edge turned up on Friday in Vatican City at the Sistine Chapel to do a very short acoustic set. “Walk On,” “Yahweh” and “Ordinary Love” (U2 tracks, duh) and a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will,” featuring members of an Irish choir lending vocal support, were in the setlist.

The occasion? A conference on regenerative medicines. As Rolling Stone reports, “The Edge, whose father died of cancer and whose daughter fought leukemia, has been on the board of the Angiogenesis Foundation since 2007 (angiogenesis is the body’s ability to grow new blood vessels). The Sistine Chapel performance was part of the Cellular Horizons conference.”

Below, watch part of the performance. (Caveat: a pretty murky video at that. Here’s hoping something better turns up.)

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