Video: Tim Lee 3 on the “Devil’s Rope”

Tim Lee 3


Knoxville power pop and roots-rock mavens clearly know their way around cool automobiles…

 By Blurt Staff

 Hell yeah, they’re our friends: that would be Tennessee trio Tim Lee 3 – Lee, of course, from the late, great Windbreakers, and joining him in his band would be wife and co-vocalist Susan Lee on bass plus drummer Chris Bratta. They recently released a new album, Devil’s Rope, of which our reviewer enthused:

 “Tim and Susan Bauer Lee are arguably the most capable rock ‘n’ roll couple around. Tim’s steely stance and Susan’s dead-on posture make for a tough and tenacious swagger that perfectly accommodates both their stripped down sound and a penchant for elevated amplitude. On the no-nonsense Devil’s Rope, the duo — along with drummer Chris Bratta — steer their punk pose into ‘80s New Wave and Garage Rock terrain, full of agitation, defiance and a cool, confident delivery.”

 Boy howdy to that. Hell, 2011’s aptly-titled Raucous Americanus was pretty damn good too.

 So here’s the video to the title track of the new album. As the sayin goes, get your motors runnin’….

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